The Star – Boilers and Water Heating System

The Star – Boilers and Water Heating System

SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium – Boiler System

SoFi Stadium – Boiler System

Enervex-the Franciscan-Sister

The Franciscan Sister of Christ the King Convent – Power Stack

Integrated Exhaust Solutions for Any Project

ENERVEX Southern California specializes in providing energy-efficient exhaust and ventilation solutions. With cutting-edge products and systems, we optimize indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission. From exhaust fans to energy recovery units, our innovative technologies ensure maximum performance and sustainability. Our dedicated team is committed to creating a greener future by offering state-of-the-art solutions that make a positive impact on the environment. Trust ENERVEX Southern California for all your exhaust and ventilation needs and join us in our mission for a more sustainable world.

Our Solutions

  Mechanical Draft Systems

Chimney, Exhaust & Grease Ducts

  Chimney, Exhaust & Grease Ducts

Chimney, Exhaust & Grease Ducts

  Heat Recovery Systems

Combustion Air Supply Systems

  Combustion Air Supply Systems

Combustion Air Supply Systems

  Dryer & Building Exhaust Systems

Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  Kitchen Exhaust Systems


ENERVEX Southern California covers the Southern part of State of California. Our team has extensive knowledge with boilers, venting and heat recovery. We assist with site review, specifications, design, implementation and field/installation support.

Amir Sahlabadi

Sales Manager
MBA & PE - Engineer. Amir joined the company in 2021 and is responsible for all sales activities.

Mobile: +1 714.264.0312

James Mansfield

After-Sales/Sales Engineer
AA - Chemistry & Math. James joined the company in 2023 and is responsible for after-sales and system commissioning activities.

Mobile: +1 714.264.1768
Email: jmansfield(at)

Brandon Terrio

Sales Engineer
Responsible for a sales activities in San Diego.

Mobile: +1 770.354.1099
Email: bterrio(at)

Resource Center


We can design any solution using our proprietary WISP design tool. Our designs and calculations comply with ASHRAE guidelines and recommendations as well as national and local mechanical codes.


When needed, we provide design layouts, Bill of Materials, PID’s, wiring diagrams etc. to make preparation and installation easy.
enervex literature


We have a complete collection of product literature, technical specifications, manuals and drawings available to our engineers and contractors.

Who We Serve

We cover a large range of applications and markets, such as commercial, industrial, health care, power generation, sports, housing and much more. Here are some examples:  

Condensing & non-condensing Boiler Exhaust
Diesel Engine & Gas Turbine Exhaust
Restaurant & Kitchen Grease Exhaust
Coffee Roaster Exhaust
Industrial Oven & Dryer Exhaust
Fuel Cell Systems
Much more…